Welcome to my website.

Check out some of the stuff I made for school. It's all pretty terrible looking back but I was having fun learning how to make websites. I don't really mess around with web design anymore so this site is just an archive.

Snotworm Basic page done for school assignment.

Bacon Ditto.

Vaporwave Ditto.

Sweatstop Group project I did the index page for

Old stuff I made these pages when I was 9 years old.

Free WiFi I was going to host an unsecured WiFi network and have this page as a redirect.

Other Sites

HTML4DUM.neocities.org HTML files from the included diskette of the second edition of "HTML for DUMMIES"

rarepepe.neocities.org Site I made while bored in my middle school computer lab.

samstuff.neocities.org Site my friend Sam made after I showed him Neocities. It's just his school assignments.

4chin.neocities.org Site my friend Dakota made after I showed him Neocities. It's just old memes from circa 2015, he wasn't in our freshman coding class.

Obligitory button footer

Two buttons I made, feel free to steal them. Maybe I'll make them look better or make more someday.

Buttons by other people